leading innovation

At Drover Foods we develop fresh new ways to bring the latest food trends to the convenience market.

We combine our scientific expertise with a natural curiosity and love of food to create premium food ingredients that excite and inspire.

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leading innovation

Product Focus

We’re so proud of our products! From the succulence of our signature sausages to the crisp bite of our bhajis, great flavour always comes first. Whether it’s breakfast on the go or a quick meal for two, we believe in delivering the perfect mix of taste, texture and consistency.

And where do we get our inspiration? Absolutely everywhere! It’s an obsession that takes us all over the world exploring the possibilities - the latest trends, flavour profiles and authentic recipes. But it’s not about innovation for the sake of it. We partner closely with our customers and we get to know their end-consumers so that we can deliver pitch perfect food solutions that guarantee commercial success.

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Falafels,<br>fiery and moreish!
fiery and moreish!

Meet our Partners

We’re proud to partner with some of the biggest and best global brands.
We work closely with them to create strategic solutions that exceed expectations every time.