Investment in Traceability

August 25, 2017

In 2017, the Drover Foods team were tasked with the concept of introducing a computerised traceability to the site.  After much searching for appropriate technology to suit the factory needs we choose CSB.  

“CSB started developing software with programs for product calculation and recipe optimization in the meat industry. From 1981 on, the software has been systematically supplemented with the areas of procurement, production, sales and accounting so that in  1983, the first specialized solution for the meat industry on PC basis could be presented. CSB extended the software to meet the requirements of other industries such as bread & baked goods, delicatessen, fish, beverages, dairy products, fruit & vegetables as well as confectionery.” CSB website (


This is a significant company investment, but it is a move into the future for Drover Foods.  This system will make our traceability system more robust and in times of food scares, traceability can be conducted by the press of a button.  It will be a step away from our paper based system.


The CSB team, based in Germany, have been working with us over the past number of months, implementing the system to Drover Foods.  The plan is that all intake deliveries, recipes and all inventory movements will be fully traced not by paper but by computer.  We have being inputting suppliers, recipes, raw materials on to our system and in August we are now at the stage where we are starting to use the system on the factory floor.

QA log all raw material deliveries through the CSB computerised system, picture above of Sean Schulle training Rebecca Murphy, QA on intake procedures.  Labels printed to products, barcodes applied for scanning at the recipe stage.

Production operators are using this system to scan all the raw materials they used into product recipes.  This then allows our production manager to understand the raw material stock & the finished product stocks that he has instantly.

We believe that this is a step in the right direction for Drover Foods and it will significantly make our systems more robust and instil customer confidence in our quality systems.



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