Check out our Vans!

October 15, 2017

With the summer madness now behind us and the tourist having retreated -September is traditionally a quiet month in Wexford, before we gear up for the Opera Festival. 3 weeks of opera in the National Opera House in Wexford town, along with other fringe events like the Wexford Speigileten Festival and singing in all the pubs.

That’s why we waited till this month to finish of the rebranding of Drover Foods with the vans – the last piece in the jigsaw is now in place!
We worked with the team at Crosbie Signs especially Eugene on the vans

We think you will agree the vans are really eye catching as the trundle through the Wexford countryside. Plus with the van sales team in their new uniforms – they really are a team to be proud off.
Give them a wave if you see them out and about.

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