Culinary Inspiration with Bord Bia

November 8, 2017

Bord Bia recently held a launch event for their new “Culinary Innovation” magazine, which reviews global food trends and compiles information and inspiration on ingredients, flavours and techniques from leading chef’s in the world’s top restaurants. The first issue focuses on the “all natural” theme- “constraint breeds creativity”. (Available on their website »)

The event started with a fantastic, innovative lunch menu based around the theme, using ingredients from Irish suppliers, including 4 from county Wexford!! The highlights for me were definitely:

  • “Upside down at the beach” –  inspired by dropping your ice cream cone on the beach! Lovely, light white chocolate mousse in a cone, dipped into shortbread crumb
  • “Dripping Candle” –  A candle made from beef fat, with breadsticks for dipping as it melted. This was made by the chef/restaurateur John Wyer, from Dublin’s Forest Avenue »

John also gave a passionate and inspiring talk about how he brings the “all natural” theme to life in his restaurant, trying to reduce waste, and use every part of every raw ingredient- from travelling to a local farm weekly to choose seasonal produce, using off cuts of meat and bones to make his own stock, cultivating his own culture for sourdough bread, and make candles and soap (!!) from beef dripping.

The magazine is bright and visual-led, packed full of menu/ingredient inspiration from restaurants around the world like Relæ in Copenhagen, the world’s only full organic Michelin star restaurant, Septime in Paris, Kadowaki in Tokyo and Blue Hill in New York.

Future editions of the magazine will focus on the following themes;

  • Storytelling: the personality behind the plate
  • Beyond Taste: Playing with perception to delight the senses
  • Adaptive Cuisine: Diner-centric Dishes

And the team at Drover Foods cannot wait to see them!


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