May 15, 2019

BRC again challenged companies with a new version of the BRC V8 of the Standard was released and companies were audited against it from 1st February.

The main changes to the standard were:

Food Safety and Quality Culture plan, BRC Issue 8 requires the site to introduce and implement a plan for the development and continuing improvement of a product safety culture. With regard to Environmental monitoring, issue 8 requires site to expand and develop rigorous monitoring programmes. There were updates to the sections relating to HACCP / Food Safety Plan and Product Security and Food Defence. In terms of Product Labelling the standard was updated to focus on requirements relating to pack and label control. There was a separate section introduced covering the requirements of a high risk area.

Drover Foods embraced the new chances and focused on the task of updating our systems to satisfy the standard.

On the 7th & 8th May ‘19, Drover Foods was audited against the new standard and we again choose to add the voluntary meat module. After two very long days, and through the hard work of the Drover Foods team, we were graded an AA. We are delighted with the result especially with the challenge of a new build and new standard.

Well done to all that contributed to the result.

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