our food, our passion

There’s no limits at Drover Foods, we simply see a world of possibilities. What started off with the humble sausage has now grown into a premium meats and stuffings range that's delicious and versatile too.

We combine great recipes with cutting edge cooking methods, creating exactly what your consumers crave. Our meats come in a host of different recipes, weights and sizes. Our stuffings are a celebration of seasonal ingredients that take inspiration from across the globe.

Oven Baked, Fried or Raw
Range of weights
Choice of formats - full, diced, sliced, halved

our food, our passion
  • Sausages

    Breakfast baps, pasta bakes, gastropub favourites… our sausages hit the spot every time!

    While we’ve built our reputation on our juicy sausages, our range is by no means traditional. We can offer a myriad of unique flavour profiles, meat ratios and formats. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke recipe that’s perfect for your product range and hits the sweet spot with your consumers.
    • Oven Baked, Fried or Raw
    • Range of weights
    • Choice of formats - full, diced, sliced, halved

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  • Stuffings

    The stuff of legends - the perfect sandwich filler, salad topper or side dish spectacular.

    Whether it’s a seasonal treat or an everyday indulgence, our tasty stuffings add the kind of flavour and texture that can transform a meal. Available as logs, balls or crumbed stuffings, there’s a solution for every consumer. We’ve created a range of delicious meat, gluten-free and plant-based recipes from marvelously moreish Pork, Chestnut & Thyme and boozy Brandy infused Fruit, to zingy Sicilian Pine Nut, Orange Zest & Morello Cherry.
    • Oven Baked or Steam Cooked
    • Ready to Eat
    • Range of recipes for every season

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  • Meatballs

    Plump, juicy and seasoned to perfection, our meatballs are delicious and versatile too.

    Nearly every country across the globe has their own unique take on the humble meatball. The ultimate comfort food and just the right size to keep you wanting more! Our meatballs come in a range of different flavours, made with the finest quality herbs and spices. Try traditional Pork, Beef, Red Onion & Thyme or Mediterranean inspired Pork, Sicilian Lemon & Fennel Seed. We’ll also work with you to create your own unique flavour profiles.
    • Oven baked or Fried
    • Ready to Eat or Raw IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)
    • Pork or Pork & Beef
    • Wide range of weights and flavours

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At Drover Foods we know just how important traceability is to today’s consumer. That’s why we’ve made it even easier for you - our short supply chain consists of only the best UK & Irish suppliers.

There’s no agents involved, we work directly with the best single species sites. We keep our suppliers close so that we can provide our customers with control, flexibility and peace of mind.


With generations of expertise, we understand the importance of consistency. We’re experts in production and processes and have the track record and client base to prove it.

We know the industry inside out - the technical details, the necessary validations and importance of impeccable execution. Our experience and product knowledge allows us to be agile, offering our customers flexibility in order quantities and lead times.